Download and test this android apps developed by Malaysia Dongguan Association

This beta version is a free apps for members of Malaysia Dongguan Association, it features below: 1. Event announcement 2. Online store for promotional items (by members) 3. Members business network listing 爱东莞电子商务平台

Coming to you on second half of 2015.. stay tuned



Think about this as your platform for achievement ! This is a platform where you can build your business network, exhibit your products and talent; This is a place where you will realize your potential, you will get in touch with the fastest growing economy in the world - China, you will be connected with government agents and chamber of commerce at Dongguan; This is a place where your will feel the vibrant of young Malaysian, where you may render your helping hand to the less-fortunate people, where you may find self-recognition.. Everyone has the potential to excel - unlock yours - join us!
Malaysia Dongguan Association was officially formed on 30th April 2009, it was registered under Registrar of Society in Malaysia. The mission of the association is to bridge commercially and culturally between China and Malaysia through promoting entrepreneurship among young Malaysian, encourage and to facilitate a platform for them to link up their talents and business with Dongguan, China.